News Module

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Keep your customers informed about new products with our News module!

Now you can leverage your existing customer base to gain revenue via opt-in newsletter mailings, and news posted on your website.

Some of the many features include:

News on your website

  • News navigation block to show links to news posts
  • News page to show news posts in full
  • News Sections to organize your posts
  • Visitors can comment on posts (optional)
  • Archives to access older posts
  • Add news content using either form fields, or already existing HTML files
  • Form fields for news content work with our Rich Text Editor module
  • Fine control over where and how your news pots are shown
  • News posts are integrated with Squirrelcart's Rule Set system, which you can use to control which posts are shown to which customers

News in your customer's inbox

  • Send mailings to groups, individual customers, or to email addresses you enter
  • Groups can be setup for customers to opt in/out of mailings
  • Formats supported: HTML, text, or both (multi-part)
  • Your customer's Email Preference settings are honored when sending multi-part messages
  • Customers can easily opt in and out of mailing lists with just their email address
  • Add default footers to instruct customers how to opt out of a mailing
  • Preview messages before sending

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$44.95 USD
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