Download Module

$44.95 USD
The Download module allows you to offer downloads to your customers while at the same time securing your files from unauthorized download attempts.

Combined with Squirrelcart's advanced built-in rule system, you can control access to downloads by any criteria you can come up with; based on any combination of customer account, order, date, and computer information.

Some of the many features include:

  • Time limited downloads - by minutes, hours, days, or years
  • Download access based on items ordered
  • Download access based on order status
  • Download access based on group membership
  • Downloads offered with no strings attached
  • Group downloads in sections
  • Control access to downloads at the section and download record level
  • Download agreements - for issuing license statements or other terms
  • Download log - showing the customer name, IP address, user agent, file downloaded, download duration, etc....
  • Offer a single download in multiple formats. Example - you sell a program and wish to offer it in both ZIP and GZ formats
  • Customize file types to suit your needs - add new ones, change icons, etc...

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$44.95 USD
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