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These are all real, unsolicited comments from our customers!

Jamie w/Squirrelcart has been extremely helpful and supportive for any IT help we may need with our e-commerce site. We have been using this software for several years now. And we have been very satisfied with our choice of Squirrelcart as our e-commerce platform.

It is a very robust program and user-friendly. The upgrades have been done quickly and completely. Any issues we may have as 'lay people' with IT-related operations have been addressed simply and competently.

On occasion, Jamie has worked as our liaison between other domain and software companies and bridged the 'techie' communication in a respectful and efficient manner, thus helping us identify our role and make prudent decisions. On occasions he has fixed our mistakes and recommended modules to create a more fulfilling experience for our Customers. Without any reservation whatsoever, we would recommend Jamie and Squirrelcart!!!!!!!

Joan from Roseville, Minnesota - USA

I checked out about 16 disparate Shopping carts before settling for Squirrelcart (SC). What first impressed me about SC was that not only that it was fully W3C compliant but, importantly, that it worked faultlessly with all major browsers. I then investigated its potentialities and features and become even more impressed.

Before SC, I hosted multiple, multi-national, third-party web applications to serve my Testimonials, Reviews, Pricing, Contacts Form, Blog, FAQs, Postcodes page, etc. One was from Germany, one from the UK, one from Turkey, one from Russia, one from Australia and one from new Zealand. Each had it own unique, log-in, credentials, database, server requirements, upgrade and individual problems. SC consolidated all of them and I can now serve everything with it.

A fair bit of custom code had to be commissioned, but, so far as I am concerned, it was a business investment with excellent ROI. I now receive and process daily online orders faster and more accurately than before when I had my old, online store. I post this unsolicited testimonial in good faith, entirely of my own volition and without inducements of any kind.


We've been using Squirrelcart since 2009, and our sales at our website is increasing every year. What we love most is their customer service.

Jamie is always prompt on our request and so helpful. We are not a website expert, but it's fairly easy to customize the theme. Adding and editing contents are cinch! And if we run into a difficulty, we can always rely on Jamie's help--this is very reassuring.

We love Squirrelcart and we recommend it to anybody who would like to build a great e-commerce site!

Kiyomi from Enterprise, Oregon - USA

Hey Jamie,

I am really enjoying your latest version which we installed on a new site. Setting up the SEO and you did a great job with this guy.


Steve from Largo, Florida - USA

My second purchase in a week. Added a SSL certificate , All of a sudden I love looking at my website again. The level of support i have always received was informative at first, no pushy sales professionals, just right to my needs with a bit of comparative advice.

Jamie, Truly ,Just wanted to thank you . i love the colors actually on your proposed cart Version. very calm. i sincerely appreciate your efforts.


Sam from Miami, Florida - USA

Just a quick note.

We've just placed a customer order through the shopping system we have with you linked to our PayPal account, and it worked beautifully. The user gets a great experience when purchasing and also the order notification came through by Email. I cannot tell you how pleased we are! Fantastic!


Going on ten (10!) years of completely successful Squirrelcart operations. Getting better every year.

Philip from Tucson, Arizona - USA

Turned the new store, version 5.0.4 on yesterday.
Just got a call from a NEW customer.
He just called to say how much he liked the store format.
How about that!

Good job, Squirrels.

Phil from Tucson, Arizona - USA

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to take a second and thank you for all of your support over the past few weeks while I got Squirrelcart operational.

It came down to the wire, but things are functioning as I wanted them.
We launched our flagship tutorial last night. We have been working on it for about 8 weeks.

Again, thank you very much.

I'm sure I'll have questions from time to time.

Chris from Buffalo, New York - USA

Thank you Jamie.

I have to give to you, very efficient and quick turn-around. We will definitely be keeping you in mind for future endeavors.

Cruz Guevara
Director of Technology
Focus Merchant Services

Cruz from Houston, Texas - USA

Jamie your support is sensational! I am up and running in less than 2 weeks. I love the script. Your help goes beyond what I have experienced elsewhere! You are easy to work with and very accommodating. I look forward to growing with your creativity.

Frank from Henderson, Nevada - USA

Manzanita Lab is just passing our 9th anniversary as a Squirrelcart store! Been doing computers for 40 years, the squirrels have been the best support we've ever encountered. And that includes the good folks at IBM!

Thanks Squirrels keep it up.

Philip from Tucson, Arizona - USA

Jamie - just ran the upgrade to 4.2 last night and I wanted to say THANK YOU for your tremendous work pushing this to a new version. After all these years its still a sleek little beast!....!

Well done.
Kind regards


We really love Squirrelcart! We have done hours of research, testing and comparison on many available shopping cart solutions out there. We believe nothing comes close to Squirrelcart's features. Thanks Squirrelcart team!

Cem from South Burlington, Vermont - USA

I used squirrel cart for a clients site and they absolutely love it. It's quick to setup and easy to use. I tell all web dev friends about it.

Sean from Omaha, Nebraska - USA

I have used Squirrelcart for some years now and have always been very happy with a product that started well and keeps improving over the years. That says a lot in itself. But add that to the speed with which support at Squirrelcart deals with critical issues (of which I have only had one in all that time) and even fast support for non critical issues, and you have what you need in a cart. A great shopping cart with outstanding support. What more can you ask for.


Excellent product which is easy to use and customise (with Jamie's help!). Support is first class, with any questions answered speedily!


Squirrelcart has run our store without a hitch for 3 years and is running strong! We love not having any monthly fees or percentages deducted from our transactions. The new interface with UPS is great! (version 3.5)

Ethan from Lone Tree, Colorado - USA

Simple to use and works great.

Mary from San Marcos, California - USA

Client loves it and does all of their own maintenance!

Jeff from Nashville, Tennessee - USA

Great Product, Very Easy to use. Thanks

Mike from Easton , Pennsylvania - USA

Awesome! Our customers have never had any difficulty placing orders.

Chad from St. Albans, Vermont - USA

I like how easy it is to add products and how it is organized!

nancy from wabash, Indiana - USA

We have been using SC for many years now and have to say that in this time we have had no problems at all - It just works!

The support is excellent and the support forum is also a hive of good advice from other SC users as well as the developer himself. I really can't recommend this cart enough!

Great stuff. Justin.


There is no other way to say it. Squirrel Cart is fantastic for setting up products and services, along with great add-on modules to handle any application requirements. Hands down the best shopping cart on the market. And to top it off, Jamie's response to support issues is world class! His consisitent rapid response to my issues has been priceless. Thanks Jamie!

Gary from Snellville, Georgia - USA

Great software very easy to use. This is my 2nd site I have used it on.

Jonathan from Panama City, Florida - USA

Really Like the shopping cart. Found it fairly easy to setup and match the graphics to our landing pages. Their support system is superb as well. Quick answers that work. You can tell they care about you as a customer for the long run! I will prefer to use this cart at any future sites it can apply to!

Denny from Indianapolis, Indiana - USA

We have been using Squirrelcart since 2005 and we could not be more satisfied. Our customers are able to navigate the cart with ease and this means more orders for us!

Tom from Theresa, New York - USA

Squirrel Cart is awesome! Very easy to use and quick to setup. I would recommend this cart to anyone. Jamie provides A+ support and customizations. Thank you Squirellcart!

tyler from columbus, Georgia - USA


I just wanted to acknowledge the stellar assistance I received from Jamie Whitney on my recent technical support ticket. He was on it right away, his explanations were clear and thorough, and he followed through quickly every step of the way.

Thanks much and have a wonderful holiday season.

Alan from San Mateo, California - USA

I love the cart, and Jamie provides top notch tech support

David from Romeoville, Illinois - USA

Squirrelcart has surpassed my expectations in every way - the price was an early attraction, but soon it became clear that beyond the price is a superb system with plenty of features and one of the best support departments that I have come across on the web - ever !
Its customization options allows us to operate a very cost effective online booking system for our fly fishery, and a small store.


Been using the software for about 4-5 years now, and love it, recently upgraded to the newest version and well worth the upgrade cost.
The features they now have are great, especially the CMS feature, SEO Optimization names.

Also tech support has always been great.

David from Romeoville, Illinois - USA

Good choices and options to customise, support is great and prompt!


Awesome software for somebody without website experience!

Michael from Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

We Love the ease of using Squirrelcart. We love the fact that if we have any questions, Jamie is right there to give answers immediately.

Peggy from Vernon, Vermont - USA

We love squirrel cart. It is much more user-friendly than other programs we have used in the past. Plus, we were able to integrate our design into it!

Shannon from Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania - USA

We love Squirrelcart because it gives us the freedom to manage our own site even though we are not really web developers. It saves us a ton of money!

Kendall from Vernon, Vermont - USA

Great product, great support, easy to customize even for a PHP novice.

David from Addison, Texas - USA

We have been using Squirrelcart for about 2 years. I looked at many other products before choosing SC. It has all the features you need and then some.

Our business is driven by sku numbers because many products have similar names. We have modified the search and other areas to use sku numbers.

The code is put together very well and enables you to make any custom changes you may need.

I cannot say enough about the support we have received. I have made many unusual requests to support and they have always come thru for us.

I highly recommend Squirrelcart if you want full features at a reasonable price, with great support.

Frank D. - Katstar

Frank from Avondale, Arizona - USA

Love the new 3.0x version! And the new themes! so easy and straightforward to edit and customize! Thank you!

Jessica from Firestone, Colorado - USA

This is a true bargain! The support is excellent! If you don't purchase this software package you will kick yourself later.

Jim from Chesapeake, Virginia - USA

We love Squirrel Cart! It is easy to use and it works well, we are able to manage all of our content, photos, add new products, categories and so much more! It gives you the freedom, even though you are not a web developer, to manage your site well, so that you web developers can work on the bigger issues!

Kendall from Vernon, Vermont - USA

Thanks Jamie, Version 3 is truly a professional shopping cart. Having researched literally hundreds of carts, and price was not the issue, I could not find a better cart to fit my needs.

Gerald from Kent, Washington - USA

Over the last 9 months I have been developing more than 6 Shopping Carts for customers based on Interspire Shopping Cart.

From now on I will use your system - It's much more affordable and much easier to work with as a developer, I have
already made a lot of changes in the code for optimizing it to the Danish market and integrated support for "Dankort"
the Danish standard credit card (


Well it looks like Jamie and crew have another big hit on their hands with the release of v3.0. We are already in the process of developing ecommerce stores with this version. This version is packed with many very useful features. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It is very easy to customize to suit your perspective clients every need. We use Squirrelcart for all of our ecommerce websites. Kudos

Barry from Berwick, Pennsylvania - USA

I like squirrel cart, easy to add products and upload photos. Great product and price.

Jeremy from Oshkosh, Wisconsin - USA

Squirrelcart has been easy to setup and support has been great to help when needed.

Ken from Orem, Utah - USA

Having made mistakes in the past of buying various shopping carts that could not handle the complexity of my website, I was so happy to find squirrelcart! This far...the best shopping cart out there. The help desk is also the best feature. Extremely helpful....thank-you so much!

Beni from Naples, Florida - USA

Highly recommend this shopping cart to anyone wanting an easy "out-of-the-box" solution.

Daryl from Vista, California - USA

I am extremely grateful to Jamie Whitney and Squirrelcart, because there is a genuine desire to be helpful and a service here that is unusual today. When you are in need of help, and we all are from time to time, you want to be hooked up with the likes of Squirrelcart. I highly recommend their service.


Good stuff! I am a novice when it comes to web design and know virtually nothing about html or php programming so the "out of the box" functionality of Squirrelcart was a must. I have found that this product does most things I have managed to dream up, and at a lower price than some other products I researched with fewer features.

I admit I was nervous about the lack of phone support, but Jamie has been very fast to respond to my tech questions and just as quick to resolve concerns. I give it two thumbs up!

Tim from Wilsonville, Oregon - USA

Thank you for the excellent cart. Every time, I think, this should be able to do this or that, I find you have included it, and when I realize how it works, I am amazed at how well thought out your entire system is. Also, your service has been a cut above the rest and you really do try to please your customers. Congratulations. I am so glad I chose this cart.


This is my second store using the Squirrelcart.

The store has only been online a week and already it is ranking #4 on Google for certain keywords which I credit to the new Squirrelcart SEO.

Greg from Beaufort, North Carolina - USA

I love Squirrelcart, it is easy to use for both the seller and the buyer. Loaded with features, bells and whistles.

John from Riceville, Tennessee - USA

As a newcomer to web design, I was looking for an affordable and well supported cart package. Squirrelcart stood out in this respect and I have not been disappointed. The support I've had from the Squirrelcart team has been second to none too.


I'm loving the cart. Compared to all the others its feature rich and simple. Only drawback for me has been the lack of an actual gift certificate that can be printed and emailed. But you can't have everything. The pro's so far outweigh the con's. I'm spreading the word about SquirrelCart.

Your customer support is superb and a big selling asset of the program.


I found Squirrelcart after searching for almost 6 months for a cart that I could host on my own site and have control over. It had to have inventory control for my handcrafted items. Some things are one of a kind and I can't take a chance that I could sell more than I had. This works perfectly for me. It is so very reasonably priced that I will be purchasing it again shortly for another site that I have that carries more of my creations. Thank you so much!

Julie from Micco, Florida - USA

I have had your shopping cart for several years now and have had great success with the different options I need. I am constantly finding new things I didn't even realize I had. Great product

Kathy from Sioux Falls, South Dakota - USA

Squirrelcart is excellent. A few minor hickups in upgrading but support is 100%. I would recommend it to anyone from novice to expert as there is so much you can do with Squirrelcart. I have tried numerous cart software products and Squirrelcart is by far the best and easiest to use.


This is by far the best cart out there. The customer support is phenomenal, fast and very helpful ... I will recommend this cart to anyone needing one!!

Belinda from Sumner, Washington - USA

Love it! Thanks Jamie

Gavin from Midland Park, New Jersey - USA

Squirrelcart has been a great cart for us to use. Very versatile, and user friendly! Even my wife can use it! :)

Barry from Simi Valley, California - USA

Squirrelcart is excellent! It runs flawlessly. Has many options and abilities. The support is exceptional and friendly. You certainly want to look carefully at Squirrelcart before you make a decision.

Eugene from Winona, Missouri

As a provider of Merchant Services we have researched all available shopping carts and have determined that Squirrelcart was the best solution. We use it for our own site and will highly recommend it to our Merchants.

David from Dedham, Massachusetts - USA

New to Squirrelcart but so far it has been easy enough.

Rhonda from Adamsville, Tennessee - USA

Great Cart. East to use. Good Support.

John from Bellevue, Nebraska - USA

Squirrelcart seemed to be a great solution when I discovered it, and has proven to be even better than I thought.

Its combination of powerful features and ease of use saved us a ton of time, and helped us to get off the ground even sooner than planned.

The control panel is first rate, the discount and shipping rule system is brilliant, the documentation is amazingly thorough and easy to follow, and the level of support is unsurpassed. A huge thanks to the Squirrelcart team!

Joshua from Republic, Missouri - USA

Great site - easy to use - just got started, so we'll keep you updated. Thanks!

Judy from Manahawkin, New Jersey - USA

Squirrel cart is easy to use and the support has been excellent. Modifications to the supplied stock themes have been relatively easy to customize. The program is easy to navigate. In all it's great shopping cart!

Robert from Mendocino, California

Very versatile, easy to use. I like the fact that I can use different zip code origins in combination with calculation of real-time shipping rates. Easy integration with PayPal. I much preferred a one time charge for software compared to a monthly fee for a shopping cart that's owned by someone else.

George from Trenton, New Jersey - USA

I'm very pleased with Squirrelcart. Once I got a few problems worked out with my web hosting company (not squirrelcarts fault) setup was a breeze. I'm a moderately experienced web designer with limited php experience, and had no problems getting the cart set up exactly the way I wanted it to. The documentation provided is far better than average and the support is excellent. We are already planning to set up 2 more stores, and they will use Squirrelcart.

David from Addison, Texas - USA

Squirrelcart is just amazing, and the after-sales service is the best I've ever experienced.


Works great, especially when you are selling personalized items that require custom ordering.

Bill from Austin, Texas - Tuvalu

A great shopping cart system. Easy to use and lots of functions! Good support system.

Robert from Mendocino, California - USA

Very reliable and excellent service. Awesome shopping cart with great features and easy-to-use. Many thanks for the quick customer service.

Jazevox from Northern, California - USA

Loved the script and the support. Squirrelcart is very deep and flexible. My client and I loved it so much that I came back a second time for another e-com web site project. Absolutely the best value for the money.

Steve from Norman, Oklahoma - USA

As a Webmaster, I strongly recommend Squirrel Cart to all my clients! You just can not beat the features, flexibility, performance or price!

I absolutely love it…

Bill Olson
Webmaster –

Bill from Renton, Washington - USA

This cart software has everything! It's amazing how many features are included in one package.

Ernest from Los Angeles, California - USA

Loved using Squirrelcart. Easy to use and great support. Will be using it again for another store soon.

Greg from Orlando, Florida - USA

Awesome product! Allowed me to get up and running with an online store almost instantly for a very good price! Beats out trying to re-configure one of those open source carts and looks much better too.
With my background in software development and knowledge of php, I am able to customize the store very easily.
Only thing I would like to see is more built-in options for us Canadians like Canada Post, multi-level taxes (GST, PST) and such.

Thanks for a fun ride!

Terry from Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Squirrelcart is AWESOME! After we figured out all the templates and how to change the look and feel of the default cart, this tool is just awesome. Thank you squirrel cart for making it so much easier for us to have a shopping cart on our site.

Jeff from West Bountiful, Utah - USA

The ease of use of Squirrelcart and the customization offered is the best I have seen in 6 years of web development. I had the site up in days, not weeks.

We loved how easy it was to add personalization fields (the most important feature for our site) and by having access to all the code, and the tremendous community and developer support, we were able to get over hurdles that couldn't be avoided in other packages for 5X the price!

Paul from Chattanooga, Tennessee - USA

Squirrelcart is exceptionally easy to customize and the admin features are amazing. The Rich Text Editor module is a must have. Kudos to the Squirrelcart team.

Daniel from Port Monmouth, New Jersey - USA

I own a Mobile Entertainment company based in Connecticut. We recently added photography packages to our resume. Photos for each event are sold online so we needed to have a shopping cart installed on our server. I have to say that Squirrel Cart is the best cart around. The people are great, the price is great and most of all I am able to manage my store front with just the click of a mouse! Keep up the good work.

Shawn from Beacon Falls, Connecticut - USA

So far the best part about Squirrelcart has been the tech support! Tech Support is very quick in answering my question and never made me feel foolish when I asked simple questions. The system is easy to manipulate and customize and the admin section is the best I've used.

Sam from Carmichael, California - USA

Squirrelcart seemed to be the best platform for us to build off of, and look at the gem that we have now!


Squirrelcart has made my store so easy to manage and even easier for my customers to use! The automatic email notification is a great feature and the customers love the real time rates on shipping.

Suzanne from Birmingham, Alabama - USA

I found it a major challenge at the start - I understand what I am doing but I am not a programmer and this is my first store.
Squirrel Cart is flexible and full of options and features.

Gradually with study, experimentation and help from SquirrelCart and in the forum, I now have an excellent online store.


Squirrel cart is working out great. It is easy to install, configure, and customize.

Bryan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - USA

Nice product, Easy to use.

Tony from Ladera ranch, California - USA

Great shopping cart, and equally great support from the Squirrelcart team. We have tried others, but found none better. Thanks for the great product!

Thomas from Northport, Michigan - USA

Although it takes a bit getting use to with the initial setup of the cart, once you have your store setup, its a breeze. Not only does any problems get sorted asap, but new functionality is constantly being added.


I was running another cart that was 'good', but when I saw what Squirrelcart could do I totally redesigned my site around it. I think the cart is phenominal!

Dallas from Ormond Beach, Florida - USA

SquirrelCart is my answer to moving all of my clients from windows! SC is way more secure than most other carts, especially ASP carts. The support is fabulous. I have moved ALL of my clients to SquirrelCart!

Ken from Riverside, Texas - USA

I've been through several Shopping Carts. Everything from the Marine Boot-Camp types (osCommerce) to the 'Turnkey' solutions with nothing but frustration. That's when I met my little squirrel buddy! I was sitting alone in the park crying when I looked over and there was an angel dressed as a squirrel... (more later) Seriously, if you don't have the Squirrel you dont have nuts!

Ron from Fresno, California - USA

Gotta tell ya....after playing around with this cart for a bit, It is a good
cart. Functions nicely and not too difficult to set up....I am saying that
before I add the module for the rich text editor, but so far, it looks like
a good product.

Joe from Duluth, Minnesota - USA

Excellent cart system. Leagues above comparably priced competitors.

Len from Vernon, Connecticut - USA

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the info and for getting everything finished so fast. The support we've gotten from you has been nothing short of amazing. I can't remember ever getting such service anywhere.

By the way. I've clicked through all the links and gave squirrel cart the highest ratings on all the sites you're linked to.

Thanks again, Steve

Steve from Boulder, Colorado - USA


You are the best! That worked perfectly. I really appreciate your hard work. SquirrelCart is definitely a best-in-class software product with AWESOME customer support. I'm so glad I found you guys!

Thank you,

Adam from Rochester, New York - USA


My company just bought a copy of SquirrelCart, and I've been working with it, and I'd like to say that I'm quite impressed! Shopping carts are very complex systems to design, and to finish one successfully no doubt takes quite a bit of dedication and effort. I'm curious about how you went about it, how many developers were involved?

Did you design the windows-like menu interface for the admin portion yourself, or did you borrow code? I must say that it's astoundingly authentic, detailed, responsive, and of course, useful.

Do you have any other projects in the works? I'd be interested in hearing about them, as well.

I understand that you're very busy, so please don't bother to reply unless you have spare time, and in any eventuality, please accept my commendation on a very well-designed product!


Joel from Santa Rosa, California - USA

This is a great piece of software and customer support is second to none.

Once you have wandered through the source code that these chaps give you and learned how the cart hangs together, it is easy to make any customisation you like so that your cart has exactly the functionality you require.

You can take this software with no PHP/mySQL knowledge and use it to become a shopping cart GURU within 3 months.


To Whom It May Concern,

We are a fair size web development firm out of the Denver, CO area. Over the past several months we have been "testing" your cart software on a number of sites that we have developed for various clients. We are very please with and proud of our latest development that primarily utilizes the Squirrel Cart software.

We thought we should share the results with you. It was so well developed that we felt you may wish to use it as a live DEMO. If so, please feel free to do so.

Thank You for Your Product !

Toby J. Zellers ~ CEO
Go Click It Enterprises, LLC

Toby from Denver, Colorado - USA


I have to comment. I have never seen a software package that offered such comprehensive guidance, even down to php guidance and css explanations, as SquirrelCart. It is an absolute pleasure, we will be regular customers and will refer you to associates as well.

Debbie from Paw Paw, Michigan - USA

I REALLY appreciate the help... I just wanted to say how happy I am with the cart. My sales have increased TREMENDOUSLY since I initially installed it about a year and a half ago. With the upgrades you made in the META tags I'm sure sales will be getting even better. I just purchased another license and will have that site up and running shortly with hopefully the same success as this one. I guess that's it for now. Thanks a lot!!

Ralph from Cincinnati, Ohio - USA

I'm setting up a small business and, after checking out SquirrelCart, decided to go with it. After spending time customizing, testing, and upgrading, I've developed a real appreciation for the design and features of your software.

The overall architecture is very well thought-out. Thank you for making it easily customizable *without* modifying the core code, e.g., function code. By simply creating a custom theme and taking away the users' theme choice, I can easily customize just the areas I want to customize by copying the appropriate files to the custom themes folder and modifying it. Since I'm not modifying the core code, there are no worries about hunting down any "side effects" of my changes. Sweet!!!

The latest released version, 1.5.0, is a very nice upgrade from 1.4.0. I like it! The changed layout and bubble help for the store settings and product forms are very nice. By the way, that bubble help for the fields is nicely written.

The quality vs. price for SquirrelCart is amazing. You guys rock!!!

Walt from Houston, Texas - USA

In regards to a support request:

Thank you Jamie!

Worked perfectly.

Since purchasing your cart last month I have spent a lot of time browsing the forums to pick up hints and solutions, and I can truly say that I have never seen another site that even comes close to yours for the speed and helpfulness of your support and advice.

Truly brilliant!



In response to a WorldPay payment gateway module we coded for him:

A big THANK YOU for having got this out for me...

Very much appreciate the extra mile you have gone to get this ready ... true support at its most humanly responsive

here's to SquirrelCart entering the uk market place !!



Squirrelcart has me totally spoiled. The documentation is extensive, and Jamie is always there to answer questions when I have them. And now I'm spending a lot more time and effort on my website, so I'm glad I'm working with a pro!

Lisa from Red Hill, Pennsylvania - USA

I opened my online store in 2007 with Squirrelcart. We chose Squirrelcart because It was easy to setup and I didn't have to pay a monthly fee to get started. Fast forward to now we are still using it to serve thousands of customers every year and our business has grown tremendously.

The shopping cat is very flexible and it really allowed us to grow and expand our business and still maintain the platform we've grown to love over the years.

Thanks guys! keep up the great work and awesome support.

Darryl from Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Hi Jamie

Thanks to Squirrelcart our sales revenue so far this year is $1.3m, this is a rags-to-riches story, I used to be homeless, Squirrelcart helped transform my life.


Hey Jamie

Have been working with your cart for almost ten years now.
Purchased your latest version and spent that last few weeks setting it up on a new website.

WOW… Jamie you’ve really done a great job….
Bravo Buddy….

Steve from Largo, Florida - USA

As it has alway been since 2003 , the level of support and product quality have been extremely reliable and effective and always professional. I highly recommend this service and product.

Sam from Miami, Florida - USA


I am grateful for the work you have done for me and want you to
know that I truly believe in your product and the excellent services you
have provided me over the years. I take great stock on the
attractiveness of the online store and the changes you have made to
squirrelcart have been immense.


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for your quick response with this information. As always, you provide the best customer care. I am most grateful for your exceptional commitment to excellence.

With kind regards,

Gloria from Suffield, Connecticut - USA

Just wanted to interrupt a no doubt busy day and say thanks, thanks for making such a great cart. After a little adapting I really like version 5.

William from Boise, Idaho - USA

Thank you so much for your quick response and detailed information. I've made the changes you suggested.

Great technical support!

Steve from Peabody, Massachusetts - USA

I have to tell you Jamie, this latest version of Squirrelcart is FREAKING AWESOME!

One of my favorite features (among many) is the Automatic E-mails. I love this feature. Custom messages for my clients at all stages of handling their orders for our training services. GREAT!

Thanks Jamie, I look forward to a very long relationship with you and your company.

Gary from Apple Valley, Minnesota - USA

Thanks so much Jamie for your prompt service and delivery.

I am very impressed with the result you have achieved and would recommend your shopping cart and skills to whomever I can in the


I have to say that the smartest thing I ever did was going with you as our host!

You make maintaining my site easy.

Jim from Chesapeake, Virginia - USA

Although we are still building the new web site it's important for you to know about the application and most of all the customer service.

I had been a fan of Squirrelcart software going back to the early 2000's.

When I had the latest version of Squirrelcart installed I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the new features.

Although the new features of the software are great that's not what this write-up is all about.

I've worked in the computer field for over 32 years, most of which was running network support, desk top support, and a number of help desks over the years.

If you asked me how I would rate the service Squirrelcart personnel give and 10 was the highest rating, I'd have to give them a 12. It would be an honor to have this team under my command.

For all you people (Squirrelcart) have done for me over the years I thank you........

Sacramento, CA

Gary from Citrus Heights, California - USA

The most responsive and effective shopping cart layout and support, the most important aspect, is unequaled. When you absolutely have to depend upon your site the only choice is Squirrelcart.

William from Orange, California - USA

We've been working with Squirrelcart since 2008, and have no complaints. Jamie is a great web guru, and is very patient with the issues we've presented him with. Our site looks and works great, and we're thankful we found Squirrelcart!

Lisa from Red Hill, Pennsylvania - USA

Squirrelcart has been extremely user friendly, and the service has been second to none. I highly recommend using them.

Steven from Bowling Green, Kentucky - USA

Very fast and easy to add or edit products. Handy reports for tracking sales.

Susan from Houston, Texas - USA

Jamie – you never cease to astound me with your fast service – thank you! Totally different time zones and you've managed to answer me within 20 minutes!!!!!

Thank you again – you are an absolute pleasure to deal with and I look forward to purchasing future SQ licences for various clients!

Kind regards


We are on track to do $200K/SC this month. Best month ever. The cart has performed flawlessly. With even my low-level PHP skills it's been very easy to set up a big sale, both graphically and inventory/discounts. The rules work.

Denny from Mooresville, Indiana - USA

It's hard to beat Squirrelcart for flexibility and ease of use. All of the clients that we have implemented Squirrelcart for love it!

Jeff from Nashville, Tennessee - USA

SC rocks!

Phil from Tacoma, Washington - USA

When it came time to replace a $30K ASP site, we found Squirrelcart a huge bargain and a much better product. Jamie (lead developer) handled some customization for us and we are loving it!

Customizing the graphics and content is a breeze.

Jamie's response to questions and issues is beyond superlatives. You can tell he really cares yet still wants to make things affordable!

Our sales numbers stayed steady during the transition and have continued to rise since roll out.

Denny from Mooresville, Indiana - USA

Really good software with loads of features - and it doesn't break the bank. Thanks Jamie for the very impressive customer support. Keep up the good work!


As always thank you so very much for your help and your patience. I've had to take things over again after having "experts" handle all my web needs the last couple of years. It's been a very frustrating experience but you have been the one shining light.

William from Orange, California - USA

I hated the admin section of our old store. Squirrelcart has made it more easy, more fun and more practical to organize my online store!

Jon from Lyons, New York - USA

I find Squirrelcart a very versatile bit of software and great value for money.

Highly recommended to beginners and experts alike.


Easy to use. Great service.

Marc from Albuqueqrue, New Mexico - USA

Yep definitely a great shopping cart. Great service. Have recommended it to a few people. Keep up the great work Jamie!


After repeatedly positive experiences with support (Jamie) I've got to say SC is synonymous with customer service. Jamie connected to my dev box and proceeded to debug the db install failure I reported in the forum. His response was nearly instantaneous after I posted login credentials. He figured out the problem in less than 45 minutes and posted the reason for failure and solution. He also made the correction to my local dev box. So folks... at the end of the day - No, not all products are created equal - but lets just say all Carts Were Equal. It then would come down to Customer Service. This man knows his code, does have a superior product, and has mastered his customer service skills. Way to go SC! I can and do recommend SC without hesitation based on product functionality and most of all SERVICE. Don't you want someone there who will support you when your livelihood depends on it?

Douglas from Carrollton, Texas - USA

Squirrelcart is on of the Best.
Very Simple that anyone can setup and install it in no time. I wish I had Look here before. Thank you all @ Squirrelcart....

Reinaldo from Devens, Massachusetts - USA

I have used SquirrelCart since 2003, and I will never use another e-commerce cart software package. New features constantly added, If there are any security issues (rare) they are fixed immediately, community forums to get the latest news and features being worked on, and amazing support!

Thank you!

Wayne J from Lees Summit, Missouri - USA

Squirrelcart was quite easy to use and a joy to theme. Definitely a worthwhile product that we're glad to support!


The more I use the cart the more I like it. For the price it is easy to use and feature rich. Good forum responses.

Joe from Duluth, Minnesota - USA

Squirrelcart has been our store front for 4 years now. The Tech Support is Awesome! Kudos to Jamie !

Steve from Snellville, Georgia - USA

Squirrelcart is highly customizable, and the support is second to none!

Because my company makes websites, I started buying volume licenses, so that I can offer this great feature to my customers as well!

Gino from Buckeye, Arizona - USA

I've switched shopping carts on my site a few times trying to find the perfect cart. I'm done switching! Squirrelcart gives me EVERYTHING I need and more. It's easy to use and the tech support is GREAT!

Ken from Wantagh, New York - USA

Great cart, easy to use, great design templates in the newest versions! Many features to fit anyone's needs.

Jackie from South Plainfield, New Jersey - USA

Squirrelcart has been a lifesaver for me and my business. Having OK knowledge of HTML, SQL, and CSS, but limited knowledge of PHP, I was able to focus and concentrate on content, inventory, and other details of our eCommerce website, and use Squirrelcart to easily integrate all of the other pieces together. The end result has been a seamless, professional-looking website. The support I have received along the way has been top-notch. I would recommend Squirrelcart to anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use, well-designed, and highly-customizable eCommerce solution.

Andrew from Miami, Florida - USA

I tried/used 3 different eStore packages before Squirrelcart. I found Squirrelcart to be the best value, easiest to use and provide the best support.

I'm starting another eStore soon (completely different products) and will buy another license.


This is our third website that uses Squirrelcart! The shopping cart is easy to install, maintain and best of all edit to how you like it. We are going to buy another cart soon!

Jason from Lansing, Michigan - USA

Excellent software, excellent customer service. I had my site up and running in a couple of hours. The software is so easy to customize to. Just got to add my full range of items now. Well done Lighthouse Development!

Les from Bellbrook, Ohio - USA

Wonderful software! Excellent development support. We created a custom gift baskets section and custom shipping method and it worked just like they said it would before we purchased the software. We couldn't be happier!

Kim from Sheldon, Vermont - USA

Squirrelcart is great! I can manage my own website saving hundreds of dollars!

Steve from Washington, Utah - USA

I have looked into over 15 shopping carts and finally found my winner at SquirrelCart. This system is super flexible and offers a great template system that makes integration very easy. I also give my five stars to the customer service. This is a company I love to work with.

Thomas Herold
CEO Dream Manifesto

Thomas from Petaluma, California - USA

Squirrelcart offers great flexibility at an affordable price. The support offered with this product is always very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Squirrelcart to anyone looking for a reliable ecommerce solution that can be fully customized to fit thier needs!

Travis from Houston, Texas - USA

SquirrelCart is by far the best looking shopping cart on the market, and for more than half the price of competitors! The support from Jamie is also incredible!

James from Monrovia, California - USA

Easy to configure - Easy to use - and above all, easy on the pocketbook...

Daryl from Vista, California - USA

We are very pleased. Thank you.


Squirrelcart enabled us to get our smoked food products up on the web and for sale fast! Squirrelcart works Great!

Scott Hattersley
President, Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc.

Scott from West Chester, Pennsylvania - USA

I have been using Squirrelcart for almost 3 years and I am extremely happy with their product. I began with Miva merchant and found it too difficult to use. Squirrelcart is easy to understand, has great documentation and has all the functions needed to run a small business. The program is easy to customize so that you can change the templates to get a custom look. I have had very few glitches in creating and running my website. When I did, the customer support has been exceptional. Without good customer support forget using any type of shopping cart software. I recommend Squirrelcart without hesitation.

Robert from Mendocino, California - USA

Squirrelcart is the most robust, feature-rich ecommerce software I've come across. It's easy to use, easy to install, and does just about everything a small business could ask of it. And if it doesn't do it now, just wait a bit and it will soon.

Susan from Trinidad, Colorado - USA

Dear Jamie,

Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent, prompt, and courteous service.

I'm very pleased with all the work you have done and really like the Testimonials module.

Again, thank you for everything. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism.

Kind Regards,

Erik from Fresno, California - USA

Squirrelcart made it easy to take my product from DVD delivery to download delivery! We have been able to integrate our flash demo material into the cart which is vital to our product line. It's easy to use and a great value. Keep the modules coming!

Jackie from Snellville, Georgia - USA

I can know exactly what my inventory is worth, because every time I add an item to the store it keeps a tally. I can also tell what items are selling faster, because it keeps department sales data. And when a customer orders one of my one-of-a-kind items, the receipt has a photograph so I don't have to wonder which dresses I have to pack that day. . . .the last version didn't have this feature and it's been a big time saver, I can pull inventory right as the orders come in.

Lanajean from San Mateo, California - USA

Really easy to setup.. Jamie was a fabulous help to get this online quickly and efficiently.

Can't say enough.. just love this cart!! This cart simply has everything we needed to setup the optimal store, believe me - after 7-9 other so called "solutions" -- this one is the best!

Daryl from Vista, California - USA

I'm set ... thanks again for the support and I will pass on your site to others.

Your help both with sales and support deserve an A+.

Ron from O'Fallon, Illinois - USA

Super php cart!! It is a killer deal for the money and the review module is the *must have* add on !!

William from Boise, Idaho - USA

Great shopping cart at a great price! Good luck finding anything this all-inclusive for the price!

Timothy from Oshkosh, Wisconsin - USA

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to write and give you a testimonial on Squirrel Cart.

We've found Squirrel Cart to be one of the best software packages we've ever purchased. SC is easy to use, and easy to teach to others to administer. We are a family run business and it's important for me to have another in the family also be responsible for setting up product and categories within the cart. That responsibility fell to my 18 yr. old daughter who equally loves working with SC.

The package is easy to modify and getting the real time rates to work was a snap!

I just want to again thank you for your quick response to the two or three questions we've had from our presale evaluation to post-purchase. I will definitely recommend your shopping cart to anyone who is NOT a competitor of ours!


Gary from Apple Valley, Minnesota - USA

Thanks for providing a quality product for a good price. I am only selling a couple items at present yet I was able to customize SC to fit my needs with little trouble. I wasted a few days on zen cart and got nowhere before purchasing SC and once it was installed I was up and running in no time at all.

Great product.


Randy from Ponchatoula, Louisiana - USA

Since Jonathon friom Cyanweb Solutions customised Squirrelcart for our online store, business has steadily increased


I am new to squirrelcart but plan on getting more deeply into the details of modifying our site soon.

Michelle from Williamsville, New York - USA

I have been using the Squirrel for over a year now and even bought a second cart for another store I am planning. I find myself constantly going in and tweaking the look of my store because its so easy to do and I can work on from anywhere I have computer access. When I compare the look, features and user friendliness of my store now using the Squirrel to what I had before and to what many of my competitors are using I feel I am way out in front.

Support is great. If I am using the community forum or submitting a work request, Jamie's response has always been fast. If there were installation issues I was not sure of I had Jamie take care of it and I feel it was well worth the money spent.

Caution, I have found the community forum addicting as I am constantly scanning to see what new threads/issues have been added and am amazed at what I have learned from them.

Greg from Beaufort, North Carolina - USA

I have tried numerous carts, including Zen and CubeCart, but none were easy enough for my customers to manage their products and concentrate on them, and not the website. SquirrelCart allows them to do all this, and for a very small cost.

Kurt from Winter Park, Florida - USA

Wonderfully easy to customize compared to several others I have tried.

Gregory from Eastford, Connecticut - USA

This is my second store set up with squirrelcart, and I'm sure there will be more. Easy to set up with great integration with PayPal and FedEx. Great support from Jamie. Easily customized too, even for a moderately skilled web designer like me.

David from Addison, Texas - USA

Great value product with lots of standard features. No ecommerce package (free or paid-for) is perfect out of the box, but Squirrelcart is easy to modify should you wish to add additional functionality. I used OSCommerce for a couple of years, and I can tell you Squirrelcart is streets ahead in just about all areas. Only wish I'd discovered it earlier!

Raffaele from Oakham, Rutland - United Kingdom

I have used other carts in the past, but nothing as easy and fast as this. Using Squirrelcart has enticed us to open more online stores because of the ease of use.

Randy from Fargo, North Dakota - USA

I love it.


Software - Fantastic
Support - Tremendous
Prices - Very Reasonable
Ease of use - Wonderful (Even for those of us not very proficient in PHP and HTML)
Purchase - A Must

This is all that needs to be said about this great software and the team behind it.


Squirrelcart is great! It offered us exactly what we needed: a flexible, adaptable storefront with an easy-to-use administrative backend. When you sell a non-traditional product like buffalo and elk meat, not many packaged shopping carts can meet your needs, but Squirrelcart did just that—and at a price we could afford.

Richard from Scott City, Kansas - USA

I was using an older cart that was javascript based. While it did the job I was never happy with it as trying to modify/update it was a nightmare. After lots of research I decided to go with Squirrelcart. While it is not perfect I found its features, price and support are a lot better than the others I checked out plus I believe it has more potential than any of the other carts I have looked at.

Owner Muddy Waters Aquatic Nursery

Greg from Beaufort, North Carolina - USA

Terrific software, terrific staff! Thank you!

Patty from Bellingham, Washington - USA

Great shopping cart software, easy to use, comprehensive, and the support staff is outstanding!

Patty from Bellingham, Washington - USA

We have just been so impressed with Squirrelcart. Not only how well it works and features it offers, but the support is amazing.

I have great trust in this company, to help me with my business.


After having the Squirrelcart Installed (which was a snap) - My small storefront was up in running in mere days! This cart is much more fun to use and there's no Monthly Fees attached!

I can't wait to fully expand on it's capabilities and add more products and offerings to my customers.

Jued from Santa Barbara, California

Squirrel Cart is a fantastic product. It is easy to install, configure and maintain. We sell compressed air powered industrial vacuums to a market that is traditionally not the most computer savvy, and I find that the ease of navigation and friendly interface is appreciated. Thanks for a great product and good support!

Gavin from Midland Park, New Jersey - USA

Very easy to use, great support and feature packed. Far better than any other software I've ever used. Scores 11/10 !!!

Peter from Goulburn, NSW - Australia

I've been using Squirrelcart for several years now and am always very happy with the excellent support and the regular updates!


I found squirrel cart easy to use once I got into the swing of things, we stock over 1700 products in our store and squirrelcart makes it real easy to manage sales and cross promotion, thanks guys keep up the good work


I have used dozens of different shopping carts for the various sites that I have designed and I am very impressed with the capabilities of Squirrelcart.

The layout of the script files make it very easy to customize the look of the site without interfering with the code at all.

The administration section is also one of the cleanest that I have seen, however there are no loss of features. With so much available packaged into such a clean script, this is one shopping cart that I plan on using again and again.

Greg from Murrieta, California - USA

I have now purchased two Squirrelcarts and have found them to be easy to adapt and use in England and Europe and hope to purchase more in the future. The professionalism of the Squirrelcart team in constructing this programme is beyond belief for the price. Keep it up well done all.


We were hunting all over the place to find a shopping cart solution with good features against price, Squirrelcart blows the competitors out of the water!

Alex from Brighton, East Sussex - United Kingdom

I looked at several different ecommerce solutions before buying Squirrelcart. By far, SC has the MOST feature-rich ecomm application out there for the money!

Mike from Everett, Washington - USA

I would recommend Squirrelcart to any business that is searching for shopping cart software. The documentation was great and the online support people were fabulous! Thanks so much!

Patty from Bellingham, Washington - USA

We love Squirrelcart. The setup was easy, our store works and looks great. Inventory management is a breeze with the control panel, and the support is amazing and hardly ever needed. Thanks!

Joseph from South Monsey, New York - USA

I think it's great, good price and support, it's fast too. Looks like some Ajax in there, nice work. Coupons work great. We opted to use our front end and use SC as the cart system, but the cart is awesome.

Michael from Orleans, Massachusetts - USA

Squirrelcart is by far the best shopping cart out there! I spent a long time looking at different carts - but squirrelcart was able to answer "yes" to all of my hasn't let me down! It's superb, couldn't reccomend it highly enough!


Love it, very customizable and the support so far has actually been pretty damn good, questions on the forums get answered promptly which is another plus.

Josh from Clearwater, Florida - USA

I'm impressed. I still have a lot of things I want to add, but it's a flexible program that will allow me to do that -- and even at baseline, it's elegant and fast and classy.

Holly from Ray City, Georgia - USA

It has been very easy to use and totally adaptable to my needs. Fantastic value for the money for small businesses!!

Dennis from Provincetown, Massachusetts - USA

Great shopping cart. My customer's websites are getting number one rankings on Google after I switched to Squirrelcart. Great software!!!

Lee Thornton
A.S.A. Web Design

Lee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida - USA

Squirrel Cart Rocks!
- Mass options
- Best Cart For Price
- Great Support
- Huge List Of Payment Gateways
- Countless Ways To Customize

Bill Olson
CEO - Search Engine XXX

Bill from Renton, Washington - USA

Very easy to use and excellent excellent excellent customer services. Did I tell you how excellent the customer services are?

I made all the classic mistakes, like deteting admin accounts, removing menu systems; the lot. SC's team were very quick to respond to all my questions with great speed and clarity.

Benjamin from Oxton, Merseyside - United Kingdom

SquirrelCart software is fantastic. I've just upgraded to version 2.1.0, and have found that because of their using themes, I can both customize my site and upgrade software versions with no problem whatever. But as good as the software is, the technical support has been fantastic!

Dean from Alpine, Utah - USA

This cart rocks. There were setup issues but it turns out most of them were my fault. Customization is easier than I could have ever hoped. Thank you Squirrel cart. I will be adding you to many more websites. -- Gary

Gary from Moab, Utah - USA

Your service is great and I will recommend you to others. I was a little worried as we are in Australia but all is working fine so far. Thank you so much for providing a brilliant service.


We are very impressed by SC. Thanks for the Safari support in version 2!

Andrew from San Rafael, California - USA

Thank you for replying so quickly.

... I deeply appreciate your making that option available to us. I'll tell you one thing ... when I am impressed with something I tell everyone about it, and between your software, which I already liked, and your customer service, which astounded me today, I will definitely be referring you to everyone I can!

Allen from Beaverton, Oregon - USA

I have installed Squirrelcart on my webspace. It took a matter of minutes (including processing a live transaction through my Worldpay account!). Your documentation is excellent! Your user interface is very clean.

Your quick response to my emails has also been much appreciated.

John...non-IT expert from London


I have been using squirrelcart for over a year on two different stores and I am amazed at the versatility of this shopping cart solution. The cart is fully customizable and seems to be fairly novice user friendly. If you can not find something you would like the cart to be able to do, it comes with 90 days of tech support and a lifetime membership to the community forums. I have had no problem receiving responses to my customization or support questions (which is very important to me). I sell only one item on one cart and over a thousand on the other so you are covered either way. If you are looking for an easy to use fully functional right out of the box shopping cart this is the one for you.

Terry from Lutz, Florida - USA


Just thought you would like to know since I listed some samples of our products in the cart we went from the bottom of page 4 to the bottom of page 3 or better for "wedding favors", and we are number 4 for "fall wedding favors". The only thing I did was to put the cart up. Google crawled the site within a few days and our placement improved right away. They also crawled the cart and if I search for say "sample fall wedding favors" we come up #3 and it shows the url for the cart listing.
I guess I underestimated the positive affect the cart would have.
We are very pleased with the cart and the level of support, especially since we are using a beta version, and our customers are able to use it with ease.

Tom from Theresa, New York - USA

Over the past 3 years we have downloaded and installed about 40 shopping carts. Out of which we literally had to buy at least 10 of them. This is an area that can make or break you when it comes to providing a good online solution. I have setup 3 squirrel cart systems now and have to say this one is #1 in our books compared to the others. Price is decent, support outstanding and the cart is designed in a manner that makes sense to use, install and importantly customize. This is a solid solution for anyone needing a cart.

Rich McCabe
Iowa Web Hosting

Rich from Urbandale, Iowa - USA

My wife and I have decided to start an on-line art supplies site. This is, for us a very large project and I spent several hours on the web looking for a suitable cart to power it. The freebies were not up to the job and the the others were way above what we were able to pay. Then along came Squirrelcart and Jamie!! He patiently answered all my daft questions, did a perfect installation and held my hand through my initial mistakes.

I am now at a point where I can almost believe anything of Squirrelcart. Whenever the question "Can it do this?" has been asked the answer has always been "yes". This is a program that deserves to be along side the very best in its class and the support is second to none.


This is a superb product with even better support.

The product allows you to setup an online store very quickly. I built my whole store with products and initially tested with worldpay in a matter of days.

The support is absolutely fantastic - this cart/store is what you need for rapid development and deployment. If you need to get your business online in days rather than months, then this is for you!


Until now I have always designed custom php shopping carts for my customers. Using my personal base program I created and customizing it for each customer. But I must say, since we took this project over we wanted to continue using what had been implemented
(SquirrelCart) and I have been very impressed with it's capabilities and usability.

Arlene from Elkhorn, Wisconsin - USA

[A well known shopping cart] and all of these other major companies that are trying to get $500 to $1000 for a shopping cart should buy your company before too many people discover that they can get a better product for a fraction of the money.

I've tested software for some of the biggest companies in the industry and this is one of the best applications that I have ever seen.


Brian from Covina, California - USA

Great program... awesome support! After trying several other shopping carts with little or no support I really appreciate the help I've received in the support forums. In my role of web designer I like the ability to change the look feel of the cart to fit my site's design without worrying about messing up the PHP guts that run the cart. The list of improvements be worked on is impressive- I'm glad I bought squirrelcart!

Scott from Portland, Oregon - USA
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