Contact Module

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Our contact module facilitates communication between your customers and your staff. It provides a customizable contact page with an email contact form. It also provides optional sections on your contact page for displaying your retail store locations, and department contact information.

Some of the many features include:

  • Contact form for customer to send you an email, with an optional vCard attachment containing all of their contact information.
  • Customer can receive a confirmation email if enabled, along with an optional vCard containing your contact info.
  • Control the contact page header and footer
  • Control which fields appear on the form, and their labels
  • Add a "Department" field to route customer emails to different departments
  • reCaptcha support, to prevent spam submissions
  • Show your departments' contact info and optional business hours
  • Show your retail locations' contact info, optional Google maps and business hours
  • vCard support, to include a .vcf file attachment in contact emails, containing all contact info. vCard files can be used to add contacts in Microsoft Outlook, smart phones like the iPhone, and many other applications.
  • Download vCards on customer and order records in the control
  • hCard support for your department and retail store location info

Requires Squirrelcart v3.3.0 or newer

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$44.95 USD
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