USPS Web Tools


Squirrelcart has built-in support for USPS Web Tools®.

Make life easier - ship faster and more efficiently today!

What You Can Do

All of the following tasks can be accomplished without leaving Squirrelcart's control panel:

  • Submit shipments to / from any location in the world that USPS supports
  • Print labels for your packages from your laser or inkjet printer
  • Send shipment notification emails automatically to your customers so they can track their packages
  • Check rates and services available
  • Track & Confirm shipments
  • Validate addresses in the control panel

What Your Customers Can Do

  • Receive live, accurate rate information from USPS during checkout
  • Track & Confirm shipments for all their orders, using Squirrelcart's Order History page
  • Receive shipment notifications when you submit a shipment through Squirrelcart's control panel
  • Validate and correct address information during checkout
We are not affiliated with USPS. This page is meant to explain our integration with their free USPS Web Tools service, and is not meant to imply any official relationship with or endorsement by USPS. USPS Web Tools is a registered trademark of the U.S.Postal Service.