Late July 2008

Hello there!

I know what you're thinking...we already sent you a newsletter this month. Well, we managed to sneak a few more frequently requested features into Squirrelcart in a short amount of time and wanted to let you know about them. I won't keep you long....I promise. :)

Announcing Squirrelcart v2.6.1!

This is a pretty significant update despite the fact that we only bumped the last version number up by 1. If it weren't for the fact that its only been a few weeks since the release of version 2.6.0 this would have probably been released as version 2.7.0.

Without further adieu, here are some of the new features.

Amazon Payments

Everybody and their brother (and their brother's dog) has an user account. Now, your customers can have the option of paying for their orders using their existing (or new) account.

When enabled, your customers will see an Amazon Payments payment method during checkout:

When they choose to pay via Amazon Payments, they are taken to There, they can login with their account or create a new account. They can then submit payment using a payment method assigned to their account.

You can read more about how Amazon Payments works on their website.

You can read more about how to setup Squirrelcart to use Amazon Payments in our documentation.

Quantity Based Discounts

Squirrelcart has supported quantity based discounts for a long time via our powerful Discounts feature. Unfortunately, for simple quantity based discounts that you need to assign to many products, the process of setting this up with our regular Discounts feature becomes tedious.

With the addition of this feature, you can now easily add quantity based discounts for regular customers and group members directly on your product records:

qty based discounts

Quantity based discounts can optionally be advertised on your product pages just like regular discounts:

discount ad

Other New Features:

  • HTML email appearance improvements for Outlook 2007 users
  • UTF-8 character encoding support for reliable presentation of Unicode (non ASCII) characters
  • Added more field validation in control panel
  • Ability to control order of appearance for payment methods during checkout
  • Pressing tab key while editing records in control panel now skips over field labels

How to get it

Squirrelcart v2.6.1 is now available for download on our Downloads page, to all customers with active download access.

You can check your download access status here.

Has your download access expired? You can renew it for $49 by purchasing a Download Renewal.


You read all the way to the bottom!? Wow! Thanks! :)