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Four nuts and seven acorns ago, our foresquirrels brought forth to this nation a shopping cart.

It is with that same spirit and an even bushier tail that we bring you a new one....

Squirrelcart v4.4.0

Version 4.4.0 is now available. It includes a handful of bug fixes, and some explosive new features.

Cart Persistence

With the new cart persistence feature, your customers can keep items in their cart for days, weeks, months, or as long as you like.

Peristent Cart

How it used to work

In prior versions, the cart was tied to the user's session. If they closed their browser (either on purpose, or by accident), their cart would be empty on return. Carts could stay active only as long as the user's session, which on some servers can be as short as 20 minutes. A lost cart can result in a lost order, and lost revenue.

Carts are now stored in the database for safe keeping, preventing lost sales, and making all sorts of nifty things possible.

What's new for your customers

Your customers can now:
  • Add items to the cart, close their browser, and complete their order later, even if they are not logged in. Upon return, their cart will be just as they left it.
  • Login, start an order, and finish it on a different computer at a later time. After logging in (from any computer), their cart will be just as they left it.
  • Carts survive, even if the user's session does not. This means a cart can persist even after a power loss or a server reboot.

What's new for you

View active and inactive carts
  • See details for carts, even if they did not make it through to completion.
  • Change a cart into a completed order, in the event that the user did not finish the order themselves. This can be especially useful should a payment gateway fail to notify Squirrelcart of payment.
  • Delete carts if they look suspicious, silently emptying the customer's cart.
  • View both active and inactive carts in the control panel.

Works seamlessly with inventory and price changes

  • Carts can be deactived or deleted, using timeframes set in your control panel.
  • The items in deactivated carts get restocked automatically, but they stay available for the user should they return.
  • If a user has an inactive cart and returns, their cart will automatically be reactivated.
  • Upon reactivation, Squirrelcart checks to make sure the items are still available, and updates prices if they've changed.

Restrict Payment Methods via Rules

With this new feature, you can restrict the use of payment methods using our powerful rule system. This can be useful for when you want to offer a payment method, but only under certain conditions.

payment method rules

Some examples

  • Accept check or money order only when the order is over $1,000.
  • Accept purchase orders only when the user is a member of a wholesale group.
  • Accept PayPal or a particular credit card only for customers that reside in certain countries.
  • Just about any other scenario you can come up with is possible.

Other Improvements

For a full list of changes, see our version history page.

How to get this version

Squirrelcart v4.4.0 is now available for download on our Downloads page, to all customers with active download access.

You can check your download access status here.

Has your download access expired? You can renew it for an entire year for only $85 USD by purchasing a Download Renewal.

Switch to Squirrelcart Pro

If you are a regular Squirrelcart user, you can change your license to Squirrelcart Pro for the difference in price. For a comparison of the two versions, see this page. If you'd like pricing or more information, just reply to this message.

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Thanks for reading. We hope you have a great fourth of July!

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