UPS Developer Kit

UPS Ready

Lighthouse Development, the makers of Squirrelcart, is a UPS Developer Kit Approved Provider.

Making it easier for customers to utilize time saving UPS services, Lighthouse Development has integrated UPS Developer Kit into its suite of software solutions for UPS shipments. Customers using the integrated solution can easily access critical shipping information without having to leave Squirrelcart or go to another Web site. UPS Developer Kit adds a new level of customer service and functionality to a company's enterprise and Web applications on a global scale. Companies that use Squirrelcart now offer their customers the following UPS Tools and benefits.

UPS Shipping

With UPS Shipping You Can:

  • Create shipping labels for all addresses serviced by UPS worldwide.
  • Generate labels for printing on regular printers, and thermal printers.
  • Create both regular and return shipments.

UPS Tracking

To improve customer service and increase traffic on your e-commerce site, you need UPS Tracking.

This powerful UPS Developer Kit feature lets your customers track their shipments right from your e-commerce site using your own reference or order number - and this may lead to additional traffic to your web site and, hopefully, more sales.

With UPS Tracking You Can:

  • Offer end-to-end customer service.
  • Drive additional traffic to your web site.
  • Lengthen the amount of time your customers spend on your web site.
  • Perform tracking queries in the administration section of Squirrelcart.

With UPS Tracking, Your Customers Can:

  • Track existing orders and make new purchases from your web site.
  • Benefit from online customer support.

UPS Rates & Service Selection

If your customers want flexibility and control over the shipment of their online purchases, your e-commerce site needs UPS Rates & Service Selection.

This powerful UPS Developer Kit feature identifies all the available UPS domestic and international services and displays shipping rates based on a package's specifications. This empowers your online shoppers to compare, price, and select the UPS shipping services that best fit their needs and budgets.

With UPS Rates & Service Selection, You Can:

  • Generate specific shipping charges for each of your customer's products.
  • Generate specific shipping charges for each shipping option your customer may choose.
  • Create attractive menus your online customers can use to make their shipping choices.
  • Perform Rates and Services queries in the administration of Squirrelcart.

With UPS Rates & Service Selection, Your Customers Can:

  • Find accurate service and rate information from UPS right on your web site.
  • Compare total shipping and handling charges for different UPS service levels.
  • Save money by choosing the right shipping option every time.
  • Learn when their packages will arrive and how much shipping will cost.