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Squirrelcart v6.0.0

Viewing Records

Choosing Records to View

To view records, you will be clicking on different links in the menu system. For example, to view your products, click this link:

This will open a data grid showing the records for the option you clicked on, which is explained below.

Data Grid Overview
Squirrelcart uses a data grid to display your records. This allows you to scroll both horizontally and vertically without losing sight of the column labels or tools. Clicking anywhere on a row will open the corresponding record for viewing/editing in the content area.

1. Add New Record
Add a new record to this table


3. View Selector
This shows you the name of the open view. For tables that have multiple views, changing this field will switch to the selected view.


4. Search Options
This is used to search the records in this view. Advanced search options can be viewed by clicking the small black arrow to the right of the search button.


5. Edit / View Record
This link will open the record in the content area, for viewing / editing.


6. Copy Record
This link will open a new record in the content area, copying all the values from the record that corresponds to the row that was clicked.


7. Delete Record
This link will delete the record corresponding to the row that was clicked.


8. Select / Deselect All
These links will select or deselect all records that are viewable on the page. This does not select records that are on subsequent pages.


9. Column Header
This shows the name of the field for this column. Clicking a column header will sort the data by that column.


10. Select Record
Checking this box will select this record. This is used in conjunction with links that act upon multiple records, such as Delete Selected Records.


11. Link
This icon is a link. In this example, it will open the image for viewing/editing. In other cases, a link could open another record, a URL, or an email.


12. Record Count
This shows the total number of records in the view.



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