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Squirrelcart v5.0.0

Human Verification


Human verification is a feature that is used to ensure only humans fill out your forms. When enabled, it helps to reduce the number of submissions made by spam bots.

Squirrelcart offers two methods of human verification, both of which are free services provided by other websites:


How it Works With reCAPTCHA

When reCAPTCHA is enabled for a particular form in Squirrelcart, your customer will see a reCAPTCHA field at the bottom of the form:

recaptcha form


They need to click the I'm not a robot checkbox on the form. They will be presented with a dialog box to verify they are a human. The contents of the dialog box may vary. Depending on the situation, if Google has already verified the user the dialog box may be skipped altogether making it even easier to fill out.

With reCAPTCHA enabled, Squirrelcart won't allow the form to be submitted until verification has been completed.


How it Works With TextCaptcha

When TextCaptcha is enabled for a particular form in Squirrelcart, your customer will see a randomly generated question, with an "Answer" field immediately below it. They must type the correct answer to submit the form successfully.


Setup Instructions

  1. Choose the service you'd like to use for human verification
  2. Open your store settings page
  3. Scroll to the Human Verification field set:
    human verification
  4. Set the Verify Humans field to the service you would like to use.
  5. If you chose reCAPTCHA:

    a. Click the link labeled Click here to signup for reCAPTCHA
    b. This will take you to reCAPTCHA's website in a new window. Click the link to signup, and follow the instructions to generate a public and private key.
    c. Copy your public and private keys from reCAPTCHA's website into the corresponding reCAPTCHA Public Key and reCAPTCHA Private Key fields on your Store Settings page.
    d. Change the reCAPTCHA Theme field if you wish, which controls the appearance of the reCAPTCHA field on your forms.

    If you chose TextCaptcha:

    You won't need to specify any credentials to use TextCaptcha. Continue to the next step.
  6. Now that you've enabled human verifcation, you need to tell Squirrelcart where you would like to use it. You can do so by checking the fields in the Usage section corresponding to the forms you wish to protect. The recommended settings for that section are what is shown in the image above.



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