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Squirrelcart Theme
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Custom Style Settings
Starting Point
Choose a theme setting to use as a starting point for the Squirrelcart - Custom theme variant:

To completely reset your custom style settings and start over using the values chosen above
To merge your custom style settings with any changes made to the above fields
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Custom Styles

You can put these settings into effect storewide after saving this record, by changing your Default Theme setting.

The settings below are enabled when you set your theme to Squirrelcart, and the Layout option to Custom.

Body Padding Top:
Body Padding Bottom:
Page (Main)
Page Shadow Color:
Header Placement:
Header Color:
Header Link Color:
Header Link Hover Color:
Header Bg Color:
Header Border Color:
Header Border Radius:
Header Margin Bottom:
Header Padding:
Header Shadow Color:
Header ShadowX:
Header ShadowY:
Header Shadow Blur:
Header Shadow Spread:
Footer Placement:
Footer Border Color:
Footer Border Radius:
Footer Margin Top:
Footer Padding:
Footer Shadow Color:
Footer ShadowX:
Footer ShadowY:
Footer Shadow Blur:
Footer Shadow Spread:
Nav and Content Box Shadows
Fieldset Shadow Color:
Fieldset ShadowX:
Fieldset ShadowY:
Fieldset Shadow Blur:
Fieldset Shadow Spread:
Button Format
Button Style:
Page Border Radius:
Body Background
Body Bg Color:
Nav Block and Content Box Corners
Border Radius:
Page and Footer Colors
Page Background
Page Bg Color:
Nav Blocks and Content Box Shadows
Footer Color:
Footer Link Color:
Footer Link Hover Color:
Footer Link Hover Bg Color:
Footer Bg Color:
Content Background
This controls the background color of navigation blocks and content boxes, along with other related elements.
Content Shadow Color:
Content ShadowX:
Content ShadowY:
Content Shadow Blur:
Content Shadow Spread:
Sc Inner Padding:
Nav Column Padding:
Main Bg Color:
Nav Bg Color:
Title Colors
This controls the appearance of titles at the top of navigation blocks, content boxes, and table columns.
Title Color:
Title Bg Color:
Text Colors
Link Color:
Link Bg Color:
Link Hover Color:
Link Hover Bg Color:
Crumb Link Color:
Crumb Link Hover Color:
Left and Right Nav Columns
Nav Color:
Nav Link Color:
Nav Link Bg Color:
Nav Link Hover Color:
Nav Link Hover Bg Color:
Main Content Area
Main Color:
Main Link Color:
Main Link Bg Color:
Main Link Hover Color:
Main Link Hover Bg Color:
Layout Width
Layout Width:
Page Padding:
Content Padding:
Section Width:
Title Font
This controls the font used for titles of navigation blocks, content boxes, products, and categories.
Title Font:
Button Color
Button Bg Color:
Button Border Color:
Button Color:
Button Shadow Color:
Button Hover Bg Color:
Button Hover Border Color:
Button Hover Color:
Button Hover Shadow Color:
Button Em Bg Color:
Button Em Color:
Button Em Text Shadow Color:
Button Em Hover Bg Color:
Button Em Hover Color:
Header Button Bg Color:
Header Button Border Color:
Header Button Color:
Header Button Shadow Color:
Header Button Hover Bg Color:
Header Button Hover Border Color:
Header Button Hover Color:
Header Button Hover Shadow Color:
Button Size
Button Font Size:
Button Height:
Button PaddingX:
Button Min Width:
Button Small Font Size:
Button Small Height:
Button Small PaddingX:
Button Small Min Width:
Button Tiny Font Size:
Button Tiny Height:
Button Tiny PaddingX:
Button Tiny Min Width:
Button Big Font Size:
Button Big Height:
Button Big PaddingX:
Button Big Min Width:
Button Style
Button Border Width:
Button Gradient:
Button ShadowX:
Button ShadowY:
Button Shadow Blur:
Button Shadow Spread:
Button Shadow Opacity:
Button Text ShadowX:
Button Text ShadowY:
Button Text Shadow Blur:
Button Text Shadow Opacity:
Button Hover Gradient:
Button Hover ShadowX:
Button Hover ShadowY:
Button Hover Shadow Blur:
Button Hover Shadow Spread:
Button Hover Shadow Opacity:
Button Text Shadow Color:
Header Button Border Width:
Header Button ShadowX:
Header Button ShadowY:
Header Button Shadow Blur:
Header Button Shadow Spread:
Header Button Shadow Opacity:
Header Button Hover ShadowX:
Header Button Hover ShadowY:
Header Button Hover Shadow Blur:
Header Button Hover Shadow Spread:
Header Button Hover Shadow Opacity:
Button Corners
Button Border Radius:
Button Font
Button Font:
Page Border Width:
Page Border Color:
Header Border Width:
Footer Border Width:
Page ShadowX:
Page ShadowY:
Page Shadow Blur:
Page Shadow Spread:
Body Gradient:
Page Gradient:
Header Gradient:
Footer Gradient:
Title Style
Title Gradient:
Body Font
This controls the default font used for the body of your pages.
Body Font:
Form Headers

Form headers are labels used above most of the forms in the storefront. For example, on the address step at checkout Billing Address and Shipping Address are form headers and are controlled by this setting.

Options 1, 2, 3, and 5 use browser rendered text.

Options 2 and 3 use a single sprite image for icons.

Option 4 is not recommended, and replicates the behavior from Squirrelcart 3 and older.

Option 5 uses an icon font to render icons.

Form Header Style:
Main Design
Warning! Fields in this section control the main layout for the entire storefront.
Caution should be used when changing these fields.
Page Width:
Col Width:
Content Title Margin:
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