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Store Settings
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Company Information
* Company Name:
Store Name:
If your store name matches your company name, leave this blank.
Street 2:
State or Province:
State Other:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Customer Service Email:
Email Settings
This section controls your connection settings and default mail options. Settings for individual emails can be found here
Outgoing Mail Configuration
* From Email:
Mail Engine:
SMTP Hostname:
This should be left blank for most installations.
Account Settings
General Settings
Allow Login:
Checkout Settings
General Settings
Order Number Format:
Per Order Handling Fee:
Minimum Order Amount:
Add to Cart Behavior:
Login Requirement:
Login Behavior:
Collect CVV2/CVC:
Checkout Agreement:
Shipping Estimator Enabled:
* Max Pkg Weight: lb.
Ship Conflict Favor:
Cart Persistence
* Deactivate after:
of inactivity
* Delete after:
of inactivity
Notify on Reactivation:
Security Settings
Check Referrer:
Authorized Hosts:
When Referrer is Blank:
Session Timeout:
Human Verification
Squirrelcart uses human verification to prevent spam bots from submitting your forms.
To enable human verification, select the service you wish to use below. See our documentation for more information.
Verify Humans:
Fraud Detection and Geolocation APIs

Disclaimer: these settings enable APIs which can be used to help prevent and detect fraud. The APIs provide additional information in your order notification emails to help you determine if the customer's estimated physical location matches the one they provided when ordering. While this data can help you detect fraudulent orders, there is no guarantee that these services will prevent all fraud.

Access Restrictions
Store Access Restrictions
This section can be used to restrict access to your entire store via group membership.
Restrict Store Access:
Product Access Restrictions
This section can be used to restrict access to your products via group membership.
Restrict Product Access:
Inventory Control
Enable / Disable
Use Inventory Control:
* Timezone:
Date Format (Short):
Weight Units:
Dimension Units:
Currency Symbols:
General Settings
Diagnostic Mode:
DB Version:6.0.0
Subcategories do not Inherit Options:
Async JavaScript:
Discount Settings
Disable Coupon Codes:
Coupon Code Case:
Coupon Code Length:
Discount Badges Enabled:
Quantity Based Discount Settings
The fields in this section control how Quantity Based Discounts will appear in your storefront. Quantity Based Discounts are special discounts that are created directly on your product records in the "Pricing" fieldset.
Discount Name:
Discount Advertise:
Display Products:
Discount Price Label:
Show Badge:
Discount Badge Type:
Discount Image

Shipping Rate Failure
These settings control how Squirrelcart handles shippable orders that fail to obtain shipping costs during checkout.
When a failure occurs:
Alert Message:
Leave blank for no alert message. Some HTML is OK.
Control Panel
Use SSL:
Use Version Control:
Records per Page:
Save Action:
Rich Text Editor:
Google Maps:
Delete Shipping Labels:
Export Limit:
Order Statistics
These settings control the appearance of your order statistics.
Show Profit:
When this column is enabled, profit will be calculated by subtracting the current My Cost Total value of your order records, and subtracting the actual price paid by the customer (after discounts). My Cost Total is set at the time the order is placed and is derived from the My Cost field on your products and options. Profit / Loss data is an estimate only, and may be inaccurate for orders placed prior to the addition of this feature (before version 5.1.0).
Show Shipping:
3rd Party Script Support
This section controls which 3rd party scripts will be enabled in your storefront.
Owl Carousel:
Magnific Popup:
UniTip Tooltip:
This enables a tooltip feature, seen when you mouse over certain elements in your storefront. For more info, visit the providers of this script, Unit Interactive.
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