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Shipping Troubleshooter

Squirrelcart found the following results when checking requirements for displaying shipping rates during checkout.
  • = pass
  • = partial pass
  • = fail
  • (1) Courier enabled
    Manage Couriers At least one courier must be enabled.
  • (7) Services enabled
    Manage Services At least one service must be enabled.
  • Warehouse addresses valid
    Manage Warehouses The ship from address for rate requests comes from your warehouse records. Warehouses must have a valid country and postal code.
  • Products marked shippable
    Manage Products

    The Shippable checkbox must be checked on the product record form for each shippable product.

  • (22) Products with weight
    (11) Products without weight
    Manage Products

    When using real time rates, products must have a weight specified via the Weight field on the product record form.

    Having some products without weight does not necessarily indicate a problem. This is normal for products that do not physically ship such as services, downloads, etc...

  • Address form - shipping fields enabled
    The customer's ship to address must be known in order to determine shipping rates at checkout.
  • Address form - ship country enabled
    The customer's ship to country is needed when using real time rates.
Real Time Rates
Real time rates are rates obtained during checkout via a behind the scenes request made to one or more shipping courier APIs, like USPS Web Services.

Real time rate lookups are enabled.

We performed a basic communications test with each shipping courier you have RTR configured for.

That test failed for all couriers. See the Issues section below for a list of failures.

The following problems were discovered and should be corrected
  1. HTTP communication with USPS (for rate lookups) does not appear to be working. See below for diagnostics information obtained during the rate request.
Troubleshooting Rate Issues
We recommend the following process

  1. Read this page in its entirety.
  2. If any requirements have failed, fix those issues so they show as passed.
  3. If any issues appear in the Issues section above, fix those issues.
  4. Once you have no failed requirements and no issues appearing, if you are still having an issue obtaining the correct rates, continue below...
  5. You'll need to recreate an order that is having a rate issue. Add item(s) to your cart, and enter a shipping address you'd like to test with.
  6. Check the "Ship using" setting on each of the product records. If set to "enabled services" rates will be determined by a combination of Real Time Rates and Rate & Service Rules.
  7. Check which shipping couriers you have enabled, and which of those have Real Time Rates turned on (the RTR Enabled field on the courier will be checked).
  8. Open the Rate & Service Rules table. Make note of which rules are enabled, their values, and their scope setting. An explanation of how this setting works can be found on the rate & service rule record form.

Troubleshooting with diagnostics mode

When trying to determine why rates may not be correct during checkout, try logging in as store admin and enabling Diagnostics Mode. This is done by checking the field of the same name inside the Admin Options navigation block.

Turning on diag mode will open a popup window. That window will show detailed information explaining how rates were determined.

Note that you must have the Admin Options navigation assigned to your theme in the control panel for it to appear in the storefront.

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