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Thread: Store Logo ALT tag

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    Question Store Logo ALT tag

    While working on the fringes of SEO read that Google considers the "ALT" attribute of the website logo to be pretty important.
    I see that, currently, that attribute is the Company Name as entered in store settings.
    Can there be a different "official" entry for the Logo Alt attribute?
    Just seems odd to have a Company Name like "Manzanita Lab; Fossils and stuff from around the world".

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    I may add that the future. For now, I'd recommend modifying the store_main.tpl.php to change the alt attribute. In the default store_main.tpl.php template the line looks like this:

    PHP Code:
    <img src="<?php print $Logo_Image['dyn'?>" alt="<?php print $Logo_Image['alt'?>" width="<?php print $Logo_Image['width'?>" height="<?php print $Logo_Image['height'?>" />
    Just change to:
    PHP Code:
    <img src="<?php print $Logo_Image['dyn'?>" alt="Manzanita Lab; Fossils and stuff from around the world" width="<?php print $Logo_Image['width'?>" height="<?php print $Logo_Image['height'?>" />

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