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Thread: Images not uploading on new products

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    Images not uploading on new products

    Hi I just transferred my cart to a new server. But now when I try to add a new product the images do not upload when i save. Any Ideas? I have an older version 2.5.2

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    not specified!

    Maybe Image Path

    check the image patch on your config.php here:

    // This is the path to the folder you keep your images in, relative to the folder containing your cart_page. This is the folder that you upload the products, categories, and other image folders into
    // Correct Examples:
    // /sc_images
    // /images/store
    // Incorrect Examples:
    // sc_images/
    // http://www.example.com/sc_images
    $img_path = '/sc_images';

    you might have to experiment with this to get the correct path

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