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If you are getting unexpected results after an upgrade, read through all the upgrade steps and make sure you didn't overlook anything. Here are some common pitfalls to watch for:


Don't copy your old config.php file

It may seem easier to copy your old config file into your newly upgraded Squirrelcart installation. This can cause problems if we have added parameters between versions.



Did you forget to set file permissions?

This one gets people who are familiar with Squirrelcart. This is an easy step to overlook when you are familiar with our product.



Are Squirrelcart master theme files untouched?

The theme named "Squirrelcart" located in "squirrelcart/themes/squirrelcart" is the master theme. Squirrelcart relies heavely on these templates, and they should never be modified in their existing locations. If you have modified template files in your "squirrelcart/themes/squirrelcart" folder, you will need to upload the folder again, from the distribution of the version you are upgrading to.



Have any template files changed?

We make modifications to some of the template files with each release. If a template file has been updated in the release you upgraded to, and you have that same template file in your default custom theme, Squirrelcart will use your older custom version of that template file. This will result in those changes not being present in the upgraded installation, and can cause unexpected problems. If you are having problems after an upgrade, try switching your default theme to "Squirrelcart". If the problem goes away, then it is due to an older template file in your custom theme. You should then compare your custom template files to the new ones in "squirrelcart/themes/squirrelcart" and update your custom templates accordingly.



Have store.php or home.php changed?

We also periodically make changes to the store.php and home.php files. If your site has problems, try renaming your storefront file and home.php to *.old, and replace them with the new store.php and home.php files from the version you upgraded to. If that resolves the problem, then you will need to compare the old and new versions of the respective files, and update accordingly.